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Global Builder |Kingdom Strategist | Transformational Speaker

A native of Topeka, Kansas, this groundbreaking risk-taker left everything she had and set out on her journey of promise and purpose. With her daughter by her side, she laid a foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana where she finally began manifesting her heart’s truest desire. Brandize Yerima has not only solidified her titles as Global Builder, Quality Strategist, and Transformational Speaker, but she is also CEO and Founder of M.I.A. (Motivate, Inspire, Awaken) Global Solutions.

Now, as a cross-culturist, Brandize has expanded her expertise throughout the globe. She believes that extramural ministry engenders the unity that Christ desires. She diligently works to improve the business climate by enrooting a quality of life that is impactful and helps companies grow jobs and/or create new jobs for their community. She also identifies any breaches in growth and

Brandize Riggins, M.I.A. Global Solutions, MIA Global Solutions

productivity and cultivates businesses, entrepreneurs, and craftspersons that serve their communal and cultural demand. In so doing, she raises disciples who separate themselves from the world, observes the commands of Christ, and follow Him with all their heart, mind and will. Nothing less than Kingdom Moves.

Brandize Riggins, M.I.A. Global Solutions, MIA Global Solutions

On the course of reconstructing breached areas within businesses, organizations, corporations and churches (BOCCs), she has developed a unique approach to building solid foundations, dynamic teams and influential leaders. No teammate can accomplish alone what the team can accomplish together. Fostering this core value has allowed Brandize to continue effectively building core teams and train BOCCs for their ultimate takeover. "God gave us complete dominion over all of the earth. We must operate in that authority, but we cannot do it without each other."

One of Brandize’s many accomplishments is skillfully setting benchmarks for Christian leaders who are struggling with balancing church and the marketplace. Leading entails influencing people to think, say and behave in ways that take them from one place to a higher dwelling. Influencing leaders to first become God-centered, loving servants of the

people, is critical for developing relationship excellence with the people they are leading and most importantly relationship excellence with God.

Looking to book me for your speaking engagement?

As a keynote speaker, I would be honored to share one of my empowering talks at your event or with your organization. My talks touch on topics ranging from personal value to professionalism and organizational leadership.

  • A Winning Mindset!

  • Mastering Change in your Life, Ministry & Business!

  • 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer 

  • 90 Days To Loving Yourself

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